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Sweet tits is an affectionate term used to describe one's lady.
Hey Sweet Tits, make me a sandwich.
Por Chang-a-lang 21 de enero de 2006
179 56
1. Adj; Used to describe a good situation.
2. An affirmation
Jim: Hey I just won the lottery!
Tommy: Sweet tits!
Por Polska 06 de abril de 2005
97 44
amazing; bitchin; best thing ever
Soberg: Dude, guess what?!

Bill: What?!

Soberg: I hit a home run in my game on Friday!

Bill: No way?! Sweet tits!
Por bill magill 10 de mayo de 2010
28 17
Awesomeness. Pure awesomeness.
Guy 1: Have you met Erin and Amber?
Guy 2: Yeah, they're sweet tits.
Por sweet*tit 03 de marzo de 2009
8 6
A pet name for female police officers given by Mel Gibson. Used primarily in between anti-semitic rants.
What are you staring at sweet tits?
Por MG8NJ 05 de agosto de 2006
26 25
nick name we used to call this ugly 30-somethingish dishwasher that chain smoked alot of cigarettes @ a food joint i worked at in 01'. it didnt really piss her off because she was a little slow, and took it as a complement.
"hey sweet tits, scrub the burnt noodles out of that pot, and try not to miss any spots, OOOKKKKK???"
Por nate_napalm 14 de mayo de 2003
27 88