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To prematurely ejaculate in you pants while dancing close with a girl.
I was about to hook up with this chick, but i toups'd.
Por Fox 23 de octubre de 2003
the devil symptoms; to have large horns grow from one's forehead
wow! that guy is toupsing, his horns nearly knocked me out when he turned his head.
Por a phi psi 07 de noviembre de 2003
The level beyond high.
Damn, Nick is to up.
Por Dustin W Danley 10 de julio de 2008
(toe up) a word coming from ebonic roots meaning "torn up". Often times used in therapy terminology to refer to something that is torn up.
Henry's ego is completely and utterly to up.
Por william joseph hemmington 21 de diciembre de 2004
Tore up. Having amazing sex.
From the albumn Stankonia by Outkast, Kim & Cookie (interlude), Kim: "went home with the mothafucka, now i'm thinkin i'm fittina to goddamn get my ass to' up!"
Por gangster 20 11 16 de mayo de 2011
Arkansas/Lousiana slang term for a frog gigging expedition.
"Rodney and Kyle took Billie out on his first Toups last night."
Por Tad Dovener 05 de octubre de 2006