There is nothing to describe about this drug, because many people do not survive the trip, but for the ones who do, they say it is the craziest shit theyve ever done. Don't even try to find the drug because it is only found on 3 beaches in madagascar where leatherback turtles lay their eggs exposed to sunlight, which is what makes the drug so powerful.
Yo mang, i did turtle shells last night, and HOLY SHIT, i cant believe i survived the trip
Por Gregamunji 09 de agosto de 2006
Top Definition
Psilocybe tyrannus, or commonly referred to as turtle shells, is a fairly new discovered psychadelic drug that dramatically increases a person's uptake of dopamine when consumed. Not only that, but it also contains high amounts of dopamine. The drug is actually a rare fungus that has nothing to do with a turtle. The fungus comes from several island countries such as Madagascar and the phillipines, and needs to be grown in intense sunglight. Even after it is full grown, the dealer must heat the fungus at high temperatures to make it produce pyschadelic effects. The result of this makes it almost leathery, and people say it looks like a turtle shell hence the name. Other street names include the tyrant, sithlord, dooku, and darth turtle. The trips of this drug have been compared to that of acid and ectasy but even stronger. Although there is no physical addiction to this drug, long term effects can be devastating to one's brain cell count and create a future of mental illness.
Yo TJ wanna pick up an ounce of turtle shells and play with my easy bake oven?
Por theinformer69 11 de agosto de 2006
When you sit down and your balls are showing through your pants.
Guy 1: Dude! Did you see John's turtle shell in class today?
Guy 2: Yeah! It was so distracting I hardly got work done!
Por Ferretballs907 29 de marzo de 2015
The really annoying things in mario kart that fuck you up really bad. They come in three different types:green, red(or brown), or blue. The green ones aren't so bad they just fling around stupidly. The brown ones, you should watch out for.
They seek the person in front of you and fuck them up. The blue ones automattically go to the player in 1st place.
"I was in first place, then fuckin yoshi threw a red turtle shell at me and I got fourth."
Por thecrazyone1104 12 de junio de 2008
When you masterbate so much you develop a calis on the head of your penis and then don't shower for a while and go and bone.
Guy 1: "Dude i've been jerking it so much this week"
Guy 2: "Id didn't need to know that but why?"
Guy 1: "So I can Turtle Shell your mom this weekend!"
Por Stufma Cokiner 13 de marzo de 2010
a drug that can seriously mess you up. some say it comes from the eggs shells of turtles from madagacar so that's why it's so hard to get, but others claim it's made by heating up a very rare certain type of fungus, one that when it is heated, takes a form similar to that of the shell of a turtle. taking one turtle shell can greatly increase dopamine uptake in the brain and send the user on an unbelievable trip. there are no known addictive properties, however there can be damaging long-term effects to the brain and CNS.
Man, I did turtle shells last week, and it was the most insane trip I have ever been on...I was absolutely shell-shocked.
Por shibton3982 12 de agosto de 2006
the muscles on a toned or muscular persons body where their abnominals meet the top of their thighs, creating the look of a turtle shell
damn that girl has a sexy turtle shell

her pants are so low cut that you can see her turtle shell
Por ashleyshubes 02 de mayo de 2009
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