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a female pussy
clean that twot w/ a douche
Por antony 14 de noviembre de 2003
387 289
'The word on the street'
Meaning a rumor or something known in the grapevine. Mostly used in the areas around Bledmeer and Benowyc.
or 'The way of the Stams'
A way to refer to gangs who pick on smaller gangs or individuals.
Sometimes used as an affirmative exclamation.

"Hey Jimmy, twots is that you're into cats"
"Who said I hung around bridges all day?"
Por Onelith 20 de junio de 2006
9 7
a female who has tattoos and also have a nice pair of titties
Me and a friend was at a bar drinking our beer when this fine looking Two T's came in. She was a brunette who had tattoos on her upper arms and her breasts was popping out of her tank-top.
Por Thieng 29 de abril de 2011
6 7
Someone who tweets a lot.
"Yeah, she's funny, but she's a super twot."
Por falstar 22 de julio de 2012
19 32
It's an acronym for 'total waste of time', often used on the internet, to describe things (pictures, videos, etc.) that someone wished they hadn't watched.

Refer to: RickRoll.
Well, that was a TWOT.

(Response to a message): TWOT!
Por Dutty4u 04 de agosto de 2008
93 110
Someone, who without effort, makes a right proper useless waste of space of himself. Not annoying, just a useless twot.
When he died it was a relief to us all... the useless twot.
Por clemstar 27 de febrero de 2009
55 75
Singular past tense verb representing a message on the micro-blogging service, Twitter.
At 140 characters, that was the biggest twot I've ever seen!
Por CaptainAnonymous 05 de febrero de 2009
118 141