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The greatest thing known to mankind
Joe's beastly dick banged Jennifers vagina.
Por SkullKing111 15 de noviembre de 2009
A lady's sexual part.
A vagina is used for sexual intercourse.
Por wills0 23 de junio de 2010
The axe wound found on women or an adventure play ground found right next to a sewerage outlet. It can be bald, hairy, a landing strip, trimmed and manicured. It can be smelly - like fish - taste tangy or if you are lucky, be completely neutral and delicious - you'll growl for hours if this is the case. Can also be an ini or an outi - look like a badly packed kebab or a nice sweet freshly cut mango!
Bob was at the local pub and saw a nice looking gal, he said to his mate Phil "I wouldn't mind going the growl on that vagina." meaning touging her out.
Por CutUpRough 25 de enero de 2010
The thing that is man's most favorite thing.

Something men play with on the weekends.
Last Saturday Nicole and I had sex and I licked her vagina.
Por Nom Nom babies 16 de enero de 2011
its not a clown car
Bill:you heard about the octomom?
Ted:geez dont get me started. its a vagina not a clown car.
Por WillYum0123 25 de mayo de 2010
What man desire to poke into it
Hubai:ilove vagina
Por Vagina Loveer 03 de marzo de 2009
the soft genitals of a lady under her undergarments; cavemen used this for sharpening spears and/or getting hard.
Caveman..."Hey can i sharpen my spear"?
Cavewoman..."Sure, just use my vagina".
Por craneballz555 30 de agosto de 2010