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slang for a defined musclature
the upper arm is like a fried egg, where the bicep is the yolk. this is your brain on supplements suckaaas.
Por 'sight 15 de marzo de 2005
88 63
Working class Irish slang used by knackers meaning different things depending on context:

1] ecstacy

2] foolish ugly idiot

3] thing, item, thingymajig
1] me heads cabbaged today i took a few yolks last night im in bits

2] dont mind that Vanessa one shes only a yolk.

Suzanna: Anto- wheres de yolk for me hay-er?
Anto: Wha' yolk?
Suzanna: De fuckinnn.. ye know de yolk for ge'in rid of de curls- de bleeding strate-ner, wheres de strate-ner?
Anto: I dont fuckin' knowww.
Por womoma 17 de abril de 2005
67 53
To hit someone, usually in the face.
That nigga ran up on me too fast so I straight yolked em up.
Por I am better than you 28 de marzo de 2005
58 50
A shapely woman, mainly in the buttocks and thigh region
"She thick but I don't want her yolks, I want all her federal reserve notes" - Mac Dre. "When she walks you can see her cheeks yolkin"
Por Mack Road Valley High Type 11 de abril de 2009
11 6
To utilize eggs in a supernatural manner.
Did you see what he did with those eggs? He totally yolked her and she didn't even see it coming.
Por Eggdrop 13 de julio de 2008
31 26
To skimp bags, usually of illegal substances, usually marijuana
damn nigga you really yolked that shit
Por mr.k 07 de julio de 2013
6 2
liquid chicken embryo
the cake demanded 2 yolks, without the whites.
Por yutnginmnde 03 de octubre de 2009
25 22