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The one you have waited for your entire life. The one you conceived of at eleven years of age, when your young mind first wandered towards love and you wrote a report for school on "Indians" because it was your ideal lifestyle. The one with DNA SO UNIQUE it is almost, but not quite irreplicatable...if you are even so.lucky to get near a David this unique you will be rewarded with mind blowing sex, intense conversation and almost nonstop humour. Don't ever let a David like this slip from your grasp because not only will your life ever be the same, but you will regret it until death. With an Intelligence Quotient that Ivy league begs for and a shapeshifting member, of society, you will never be unsatisfied. Father, grandfather, son and brother, this man is the absolute epitome of what God could create in a male, tailored to YOU ONLY. This David is the creme de la creme , the one built for you as a complement and opposite polarity to your own uniqueness. When you see the entire tribe in his eyes, you know he is pony, warrior, horse, buffalo, and elder all in one beautifully sculpted smooth perfection. Protector, healer and disciplinarian.
If you Davided my heart, it will grow into and instrument for you to play.
by Shethezero on Jul 28, 2015

tags: [Smoking], [thinking],[the thinker],[I think therefore I am],[thanative]

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